Sonoran Desert Chorale


If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form and we will contact you.

There are a number of Chorale members that do not sit on the Board, yet volunteer their time and expertise in many other ways. By working in close partnership with our Board members, the Director, and the rest of the Chorale, volunteers are able to provide valuable services to our group.

  • Chorale Support

    Katherine Kough, House Manager

    Tom Lewis, Stage Manager

    Bill Goodenberger, Roster and Archival Recording

    Paul Mozurkewich, Audio Recording Technician

    Louisa Porter, Librarian

    Josie Nelson, Wardrobe Coordinator

    Lynn Kough, Scholarships

    Meg Gardner, Auditions

  • Mailings

    Jon Sywassink, Mailing Distribution

    Carol Stout, Mailing List and Database

  • Publicity

    Lynn Kough, Publicity Coordinator

    Jim DeBusk

    Kevin Gardner

    John Page

    Erik Arriola

    Laura Schairer, PR Consultant

  • Tickets

    Bill and Susan Goodenberger, Box Office

  • Donor Relations

    Megan Loney

  • Website

    Roger and Carol Stout, Webmasters

    John Page, Webmaster