Sonoran Desert Chorale


If you would like to volunteer, please fill out this form and we will contact you.

There are a number of Chorale members who volunteer their time and expertise in many ways and provide valuable services to our group.

  • Chorale Support

    Katherine Kough, House Manager

    Jon Sywassink, Stage Manager

    Bill Goodenberger, Roster and Archival Recording

    Abbey Prochaska, Librarian

    (Opening!), Wardrobe Coordinator

    Meg Gardner, Auditions

  • Mailings

    Jon Sywassink, Mailing Distribution

    Carol Stout, Mailing List and Database

  • Publicity

    Lynn Kough, Publicity Coordinator

    Laura Schairer, PR Consultant

  • Tickets

    Bill and Susan Goodenberger, Box Office

  • Donor Relations

    Megan Loney

  • Website

    John Page, Webmaster