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Sonoran Desert Chorale


SDC Scholarships for High School Students

If you know someone who sings and is selected for a Regional High School Chorus in the spring, we’d like to make you aware of the Chorale Scholarship Program. To our knowledge, it is the largest single vocal performance award for a high school singer in the southwest.

High school vocal teachers will receive information about the scholarship and student applications in early February; applications are due in mid-March, and auditions are held in early April.

The scholarship is $1400 and the winner may elect to use the scholarship to attend the 2018 Curry Summer Music Camp (at NAU), another accredited music camp of his/her choice, or to receive lessons from a NATS certified vocal teacher. A senior winner may select one of these items or if going on to college, have the scholarship applied to his/her college account upon registration in a choral program at the school.

Encourage your high school student to apply!

Click here for 2018 scholarship application

Please email to find out more or to submit completed applications.